Emotional Symptoms In The Pandemic

While the borders of the world close down, ours open up!Yes! We have borders in our inner world. We`re keepers of a Me present and counscious and other two. One of them controls our urge and give us a kind of social behavior, and the other we have access through our gestures, some contents show up in our dreams without our understanding, as well as things we do not know and do not consider important. Ex.: Why the gestures to speak, why am I biting my nails, why does certain kind of person annoys me. They, the behavior, has always been there with you. Just like Freud said, it`s an unknown, known.

We`re active human beings, we have our commitments and activities, our routine, and nobody is prepared to stop. And in this “stop” we were directed to our inner world, as there is no other possibility left for us. But we got into an unknown world, therefore what has come to the surface was anguish, fear, insecurity, consequently we`ve started to live stressed and anxious, what for? For the return or for the resolution of unknown conflicts? Well, I need to speak a little about our brain function.

At the center of our brain there`s the brain tonsils. This has nothing to do with the throat amygdala, right? We were born with it, and as we know the birth for the baby in particular, comes loaded with stress, anguish, fear,insecurity. And every time we, grown ups, adults are put through or undergo stressing situations, fear, insecurity our brain tonsils is activated. There in the brain, it sends answers to the hypothalamus – pituitary-adrenal where we have the cardiac beatings altered, change in corporal temperature and also release of hormones such as cortisol, which is the hormone of stress.Everytime we wake up this hormone is released so we can get out of bed and perform our daily activities. But what happens to a high level of stress is a huge liberation of cortisol into the bloodstream all the time, consequently it alters all of our behavior. Then the great deal of emotional symptoms during this pandemic and this lockdown. What I have to say is, that this is passing, but the symptoms now ignited by the understanding of your own history have to be treated in psycotherapy. Would you like to learn a little more about this process?

Lia Ergas Aguilera Psychologist graduated em 1991, Londrina PR Brazil.
Works at em psychology clinics since 1992. From 2001 to 2007 lived in London.
As soon as she returned to Brazil, she dedicated herself to clinical psychology, attending adults, teenagers, and parenting orientation.
2013 Specialization in Psychology  Clinic residence,  Psicanalitical approaching.
2019 Post-graduation em Neuropsychology – in progress.
Translation by Talita Cruz – Dialogue Method Scholl/Brazil