An overview of Integrative Therapies

Hi, I’m Lucy Vitor, I’m a bodytherapist.

I’m a beautician and massage therapist, aromatherapist and ThetaHealer. My work is a complementary job, because I work with integrative therapies. I help my clients (patients) to have well-being and quality of life from the first massage session.

Sometimes, patients come to me for an appointment saying that they already had medical examinations, treatments with nutritionists and did not obtain satisfactory results. After the first massage session, many of them can see the results instantly.

A very important step is the Evaluation through an Anamnesis. In this step you will know the needs and the type of treatment your patient needs to obtain the desired result and personal satisfaction. Sometimes the patient comes complaining, for example, of insomnia, headache, accelerated thoughts, irregular periods, and pain during the sexual act, etc. It is in here, at the time of the evaluation that we must pay attention to these symptoms and seek to define the cause of them so that we can apply an effective treatment, resulting in the cure of what is causing the symptoms.

Another important step, too, is to do a test on the heavy metals that may be contaminating the patient, which would be the Cortisol Test, and also, the Mineralogram Test, to find out the minerals that the patient has deficiency.

The psychological part is also extremely important, because the therapist must try to understand how the patient thinks, which emotions are predominant in their life, because emotions are chemical reactions that happen in human body, and such reactions can trigger a series of other mechanisms that will cause inflammation, such as Cellulite, for example. Such inflammations can occur, in many cases, due to poor diet and small amount of water the patient drinks.

You hear it all the time: You should be drinking more water. How much depends on the person, but not all water is created equal, with some being cheaper or providing more nutrients than others; some types of water can cause Oxidation in our body, for example when we have water with a very low pH (potential of hydrogen), making it very acidic, which is nothing more than a chemical reaction which can cause aging to your skin.

There is also Aromatherapy, which is a treatment with essential oils that help the patient to balance their feelings. Such oils are chosen based on the thoughts and feelings that govern the patient’s life.

In this massage, the therapist can also, at the same time, use points to detoxify the body of the patient, where the cortisol will be modulated.

After this massage, the patient will certainly feel much better, having a very peaceful night while sleeping!

Depending on the age of the patient, between 4 and 8 sessions there will be a high progress of the results, with a significant improvement in the sagging skin and cellulite. Physical exercises will also be of great help in the treatment, improving anxiety, improving sleep, in short, improving the patient’s quality of life, and increasing their self-esteem, where the patient will start loving themselves more and more!

With the improvement in self-esteem, the patient will improve their relationship with anyone else, and there will be an improvement in their work as well, bringing peace within, as well as many other benefits.

Lucy Vitor