8 tips for you to restart your healthy life

Taking care of yourself has never been more important than now. And while it seems difficult to have a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic, it can make all the difference to your body and mind. Check out the 8 tips that will help you a lot:

1. Make a food diary

You can write down all of your food choices throughout the day. You will then be able to see which items could be replaced with healthier options.

2. Set goals

Re-educating your routine, with healthy eating and physical activity, will only work if it is a life project.

3. Use social media to your advantage

Social media can bring a lot of motivation. So it is worth following profiles of people who are inspirational for you.

4. Practice physical exercises!

Inserting exercises in your routine will make a difference in your disposition and even in the
quality of your sleep.

5. Get rid of what doesn’t do you any good

Why not do a general cleaning in the food storage and in the fridge? Be honest with yourself: treats, processed and ultra-processed can be delicious, but when consumed too often they are bad for your body.

6. Organize your routine

Maintaining your routine during a pandemic is essential for your mental health and is part of a healthy lifestyle. Writing down all your daily tasks in a diary, for example, not only helps the brain to organize itself better, but also brings some comfort.

7. Take care of your mind

The combination of a balanced diet + physical exercises is the classic recipe for those who want health. But a very important factor is missing from this equation: mental health! Distract your mind by reading, meditating or even with Yoga practices.

8. Be kind to yourself

Being focused is very important, but radicalism can bring frustration. The tip to maintain a balanced healthy life is to know how to listen to your wishes: allow yourself to do what you like or even take a day to rest. Practice self-love!

Christina Patuzzo Helal