Experiences: Self -Drive Holidays

Self-drive holidays allow you to travel at your own pace, with the additional freedom of adjusting your itinerary as you please and the excitement to enjoy dreamy destinations up close. All of our locations around the world that we specialise in have a distinctive identity solely based upon their own history and culture.

We offer you the possibility to select from a diverse range of accommodation that encompasses authenticity, luxury and spectacular views. If you’re staying at independent, locally owned properties whether that may be a hacienda, a tree house or luxury lodge, you are bound to have a beautiful cultural experience.

Let us lead you on an exploration of the world’s beautiful and finest destinations. You can get off the main motorways and venture into the wilds as you take your trip to a completely different level of excitement. From scuba diving in Australia to safaris through Kenya and whale watching in Iceland, these adventurous fun selfdrive holidays are bound to live beyond your expectations. Relaxing activities such as birdwatching, simply enjoying a book after a long drive on a tropical coastline, visiting a conservation learning centre or just enjoying the best local food that a region might have to offer, your possibilities are becoming endless as you’re not tied down to staying in one location.

We encourage you to capture the very essence of the culture you’ve surrounded yourself with by meeting the villagers and supporting the local economy. They might be able to give away a couple of their secret stunning local places for you to visit.

Our bespoke holidays are crafted to your desires and budget. If you would like to know more about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach us.

Via Travel Matters