Hi, I’m Lucy Vitor, I’m a bodytherapist.

I’m a beautician and massage therapist, aromatherapist and ThetaHealer. My work is a complementary job, because I work with integrative therapies. I help my clients (patients) to have well-being and quality of life from the first massage session.

Sometimes, patients come to me for an appointment saying that they already had medical examinations, treatments with nutritionists and did not obtain satisfactory results. After the first massage session, many of them can see the results instantly.

While the borders of the world close down, ours open up!Yes! We have borders in our inner world. We`re keepers of a Me present and counscious and other two. One of them controls our urge and give us a kind of social behavior, and the other we have access through our gestures, some contents show up in our dreams without our understanding, as well as things we do not know and do not consider important. Ex.: Why the gestures to speak, why am I biting my nails, why does certain kind of person annoys me. They, the behavior, has always been there with you. Just like Freud said, it`s an unknown, known.

Obesity is a condition that can compromise health in several aspects, being recognised as a risk factor for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, insulin
resistance, stroke and cardiovascular diseases – to name just a few examples. Now, in the context of Covid-19, obesity takes on a new role as a “villain”. Overweight people who are infected with the new coronavirus may have an increased severity of the disease.